Our Purpose


Wasatch Strength-Coaching is dedicated to providing our community with educational coaching services and training programs that support a physically active lifestyle. Whether you are a serious athlete training for your next big goal, or regular folk looking to improve wellness and longevity, training for strength is a key component of continued health and performance.

Strength training is a lifelong practice, and it is impossible to overstate the importance of establishing a solid foundation. Our trainee development process will provide you with essential technical skills and a practical understanding of the fundamentals of strength training, setting the stage for a mutually rewarding coach/trainee relationship. 

Joining our community means entering a partnership: education is our ideal, and we expect active participation during the coaching process. We provide the guidance and support needed for you to establish sustainable training habits, while you commit the attention and effort required to learn and progress.

Anyone who is ready to take responsibility for their health and performance is at home here. Empowered with the knowledge and skills needed for their journey, our trainees are on the fast-track towards a lifetime of greater strength, endurance and resilience. Get on board!